Why Need To Request App Ratings
Awesome ASS–Jen SelterFirst you need to know why ratings and reviews are important. Both Apple and Google put ratings right alongside an app's icon and title, giving users a quick way to judge the app's quality. People are unlikely to download an app that doesn't have at least three stars, so developers are incentivized to get the best rating possible. This system, while mostly effective, breaks down in a few places. For example, a ton of non-developers on beta operating systems might complain that a particular app doesn't work on their device. You'll also hear folks blame an app for something that isn't its fault — for example, blaming an alarm app for not going off, even though the phone's battery died. (I'll let you Google around for silly app store reviews. They're fun!) Some tech pundits recommend giving one star if an app prompts you for a rating, which is a reaction to ratings being asked for the wrong reasons. Simply asking for a rating leaves a tremendous opportunity on the table, one where you get to engage with users. You could be asking what you could do better, or you could be helping them with their questions.
27 June, 2014, 10:00 AM Edit By Kim Zhou

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